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Organizing your home

An organized home gives you peace of mind.I will help you organize your wardrobe, kitchen, storage room, bedroom, bathroom, shed and even your finances. 

                                          Fee: 70,- per hour


Finding your home

I will find you a place you can call home in the Amsterdam area. I will help you make the right decision and make sure you feel happy in your new home.

Fee: 1 month rental price (min rental price 1950,-) up to 10 viewings, on request.

Price include:

  • accompanied appointment for registration (BSN)  

  • Bank appointment 

  • Setup utilities for your new home

Renting your property

With my personal touch you will be in good hands. I will make a rental price evaluation. Help to get the property in the best conditions for the best rental price. Take pictures, place your home on Pararius and Funda, do the viewings and arrange the rental contract with the your new tenant. 

Fee: 1 month rental price


Tel: +31 6 24 290 840

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